Personal Finance

Range of financial literacy education and counseling services to residents to assist them in developing a fundamental knowledge of debt, credit, savings, budgeting, and financial services.

Our programs aim to equip members of the community to achieve their financial goals and support their financial stability and growth.


The Financial Literacy & Integrity Program is a Nine Step (9 Step) Workshop to help you create a healthy, empowering relationship with money, allowing you to get beyond money concerns to help you fulfill your goals.

Taught by a financial processional literacy counselor, the Nine Step Program will provide many positive outcomes:

  • Feel More in Control and Empowered About Money
  • Get Out of Debt Faster
  • Preparing A Personal Balance Sheet
  • Monthly Budgeting & Personal Spending Tracking
  • Financial Independence Planning
  • Reduce Stress Around Money
  • Prepare You For 1st Time Homeownership

You can also schedule a One-on-One session with a financial literacy counselor to discuss your financial profile and help move you toward your goals. We can help with budget, analyze your credit report, create a personal budget, take actionable steps to increase your credit score, and more!

For Program Registration & Information:
Contact: Hector Ramos
Phone: (718) 919-2100 ext. 1104