Housing & Preservation

BNS offers ‘Conditional’ Emergency Home Repair Grants, made possible through the NYS Affordable Housing Corporation. Grants are available to income-qualified, homeowners of 1-4 family homes, condominiums and co-ops, within the Brooklyn community.

Contact Andrea Green at (718) 919-2100, ext. 1106 for more information and availability.


Pre-Purchase Education & Counseling

Our first-time home buyer program will prepare you for the responsibilities of homeownership and connect you to the most affordable mortgage products, including any down payment and/or closing cost assistance programs. We are certified by HUD and NeighborWorksAmerica® . Our in-house classes are held every 3rd Saturday of the month. Topics include managing your finances, how to shop for a home, securing a mortgage loan, and selecting the right contractor for your new home. Our online course allows you to gain the homebuyer's education in your own home, and at your own pace.*

In-House Courses on hold due to COVID-19 please contact our office for further assistance

*Upon completion of the on-line course, please contact BNS for your certificate and to schedule your one-on-one telephone counseling session, with a HUD-Certified Housing Counselor.

Foreclosure Intervention

Are you behind on your mortgage payments, or concerned that you will become late? BNS can help! Our foreclosure intervention counselor will assess your situation, educate you about the foreclosure process in New York, teach you how to negotiate with your lender, help you develop a budget and spending plan that works, help you manage your debt, and help you access refinance and modification opportunities.

Tenant Counseling & Education

BNS is proud to offer personalized rental housing counseling to New York City residents, geared toward those who are looking to maximize their rental prospects and find the place that is right for them. Services include Personal Finance Review, Credit Analysis, Budgeting & Money Management, Tenant Rights & Responsibilities, Landlord Rights & Responsibilities, Referrals for Tenant Advocacy Services and Pathways to Home ownership.

Emergency Home Repair Services

BNS provides assistance to homeowners for moderate interior and exterior repairs. Typical projects include roof repair, bathroom and kitchen renovation, electrical and plumbing upgrades, refurbishing of windows, walls and doors, and interior and exterior painting. You may be eligible if you own a house or apartment building from one- to four-units. Grant and loan amounts range from $5,000 to $50,000. A construction services staff person will be assigned to your project to guide you through the process from preparing the scope of work to completion.